the understudy

DSC00215   America crave Street Food, Street Life

essential to 3rd world country : clean water. food supply. shelter. medicine.

essential to 1st world : same as 3rd

valued by 3rd world : family. tribe. DEEP CONNECTION TO NATURE. cULtuRe. rItuAL. sHaManism. forest. spirit.

valued by 1st world : family. network. comfort. satiation. status.

third world customs and ritual and 1st world modern biotechnologies inter-influence one another. a hybridized society will emerge. we will rally around what will be an quasitheological amalgamation enriched, elegant boutique , an impeccably seasoned serving of religious and scientific prime cuts both from the third and first world. Only then can we say as a species that we have made, at perhaps the very least, a baby paw print into the sands of universal design. but we don’t need to say anything….design that rest upon thine….

I rest on a whimsical memory of the last taste of her nature

tumbling around in our fleeting commitments

Earth is our baby. earth is our Mother.

to harness the power of the forests and oceans without hurting them.

I’ve been called a monkey

When I dance around

I am an understudy

of more than one of our common ancestors.

You are an Arrow drawn

from the American’s Quiver

with the blood of the natives

on your tongue. Now

shoot for your roots and

let me know what flavor,

if its good give me some.


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