iterations 3.0001-3.0005 : early scrapings

The new hippy pays all of his never mind to a family at home and not to these petty wars. Thus his biological burden affords his spiritual purpose.

We were built to migrate a vast and varied terrain, drink wine and mount proper in the canyon.  Are we a template for our own imagination?

                welcome to 299 792 458 meters per second per second                                                        synchronize your sighs with my warm sun drop eyes                                                                and get everywhere when you melt down to                                                                                 dew point drizzle foot print size            

the teacher has arrived , eyes of a nautilus, in many fleshy forms that hide in the metropolis. I told you fucks ‘fo that they ain’t no stoppin’ us, we knockin’ down dormitory doors and swarm in orbitals. scarfin down dolmas and other hors d’oeuvres. best enroll in a assortment of breadth courses to get ya’ self wise. Jah’s perfect geometric algorithmic creation is apparent in ey’thing from the wings of a butterfly to the curvature of a woman’s thighs. now take a bite of this proverbial brittle. needs salt. 



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