i 3.0006 : lobbyists cast shadow on young soldiers of the sun

aah. now we’re are getting somewhere.this particular slice of iteration 3 is one of much wealth. what did we find. there was more pure bullshit per nugget of chronic in these scrapings but that was expected. especially in these convoluted times. there is a fresh slew of unpasteurized terd slurry pouring out the news channels

politics is derived from the dichotomy of the primordial and civil aspects of our society. we crave culture. rich colorful culture that spills from the streets. we need cleanliness. green. no color in sterility.

third world color. notoriety. song. dance. 1st world science. technology.these worlds must merge.
politics is the guardian of such utopian potential
gas prices down

lobbyists cast shadow on young soldiers of the sun


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