.: |– wAr ToRcHes –|:. ¬

ooo doe thaaa black cherry war torches carried ‘cross crushed moss covered prairies. thoughts fasten lichen to the granite on a whim of canyon scavenge.

we didn’t sleep on account of dodgin’ tungsten tessens.
your sun bled weather go together with cider. where’s the lantern
absolve arid patches in the cultural fabric from the finger point gestures.

lets enchant them. blanched with ice bath tantrums 90 nanophantoms smiley speak satin seamless mantras. south of the Cassandra. mighty banter blinks sultry singer in the halogen.

help the needless. feed the happy. arm the greedy. top shelf monosodium hog tied princess at the podium. she moves us with whispers as her secrets leak all over the prism floor. lash bats verge on the curtsy troop war fan venetian. and through these warming patterns awarded a strong angle directly at the spy tangent. humbled in the Sun wind childlike presence


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