…spiLL sLoW PoT iONs..

my room is in thoughtful disarray

my game is on the scatters, mid-air

I tilt fluid crystal throttle at the helm of the flintrock

no tricks involved, relatively whispering

Let us look at these shards about, of the fortress I held in winter

with lunacy, short reach and tall sheets, pounce of the springtime soon retreat the novice builders ‘O fort of couch cushions crew go giddily

return in a frenzy to feast with better thieves.


Restless Tongue Syndrome

Language to learn……….

Surely spoken by the Earth………

a fire to engage with………

Whinny of the axes as the planet turns…….

Breathe deep the pure air dunes Dantian…..

Flutter the restless tongue a tune of the Sun Warble…..

Display the mating gradient of ritual, designed for survival….

Arabesque of the sentient landrace bio-dreamer drones who’ll                            undress in the eyes of the Iterator…

Ghosts of princess’ past plié, give pouty lipped kisses..

Exit the stage with bouquet and bow to the magnet.

Jinn Zen

Buddha and a genie walk into a delicatessen. The genie grants Buddha three wishes and immediately he wishes them away.  There are times when Buddha holds on to wishes, sometimes for eternities, before using them or wishing them away.  Does Buddha ever use the wishes for something substantial, material even?  Of course.
One may ponder the greater challenge betwixt having to hold on to wishes for eternity or having to deal with the outcome of each wish, also for an eternity.  For Buddha there is no such relative challenge. ‘Tis woven,  salts and grains, into the sharing of this burden of free will.  Ours is a transcendence of burden. An everlasting celebration of light and the occasional anomaly of birthday suit combustion, weaving and manifesting Eden’s rivers.  Cottonmouth convene among reeds, startlingly arriving to writhe, but never to settle, in the unscathed garden patch.  Buddha scratches his head. 
Buddha never wishes the genie away.  Buddha enjoys the genie’s company.  The dichotomy of Buddha and a genie.  One is of the essence of peace and enlightenment. the other of desire, of material.  a genie bottle is smoking in the Zen garden.  Snake of Eden.  
Buddha rarely uses genie’s wishes. But if Buddha pleases. Multiple genies. Planet genie. Jimson.
and the world appears dark again. but an adjustment of the hue of the who’s who of bright titanous star tubules  lost in the satin fabric Jello jail congeal  release in the tea garden  reveal a northern lit mini slip  Greystorm wolfgang character.    It’s so peaceful here. Mysterious.  Mist of the healing winds.  It is here where Buddha slumbers in the buff.
iteration 3.7501 — Buddha and a genie : long version

Rare Beacon Signals from Relative Realms

20150202_181821 (1)

Lacinato kale o cavolo nero  ♦  de-stem  blanch  chiffonade

raspberry mint  ◊  muddle

hazelnut oil  «»  drizzle

  Anaheim pepper  ∼  char

sun-dried cranberry  ‹›  reconstitute  cure  toss

cassava  •  steam  spice

  Langostino  ∞  sear  abandon

What is Calculus ?

————————– –      overheard in classroom
professor :  well essentially an extension of algebra
dynamic quantification of data

                   independent variable : number of donuts eaten per day                                                dependent variable :   happinesssssssss     

    pie                                                                                                                         Pascal’s Triangle

old bearded gnome gone mad on account of home brewed cider.  I’ll arrange to sit and sip that smidge o’ Bolli micro-sud.  pouring over me in front of city hall. Does the wizard get high on his own supply? Do wizards get high?  Yes on both inqueries but the wizard is unaware of the contact during the concocting of tonic and elixir. Wizards huff their own potions for the sake of the spell.


his potion of electrolyte delight tonight tonight

Humidity reading 50%   rains nourish my penchant   lightnin’ in a beacon bottle

steam rings rise and solidify   hold on to ya cochlear    I’m adjust my meta-cognitive throttle

buddha carries genie in a flash pasteurized, tiny fluted bottle
iteration 3.7000  --  core samplings


marshmallow jail. padded vested pelch. widow bonnet serving wench wearing gold plated pasties. wrapped in snaking arms

she’s dancing in a circle now burning bundles of the Darm.

i 3.6670

riddle maker

she has solved me. the only known shadow soldier to do so. she is not unlike the early morning euphoric feeling after staying up a few. fleeting smell of dew.  giving way to traffic and coffee buzz where all day wind-up monkey stay busy chasing pimp tokens.

iteration 3.6668


she asks to speak through me

so i let her in

she asks to speak with you 

she’s my leopard twin

fang show tonight

she is infinite(ageless) 

forgiving eyes stay focused on the arc master

her side of the story missing(pageless)

iteration 3.6667 -- perhaps rare beacon signals from the outer bounds of Mk IV