Jinn Zen

Buddha and a genie walk into a garden. The genie grants Buddha three wishes and immediately he wishes them away.  There are times when Buddha holds on to wishes, sometimes for eternities, before using them or wishing them away.  Does Buddha ever use the wishes for something substantial, material even?  Of course.
One may ponder the greater challenge betwixt having to hold on to wishes for eternity or having to deal with the outcome of each wish, also for an eternity.  For Buddha there is no such relative challenge. ‘Tis woven,  salts and grains, into the sharing of this burden of free will.  Ours is a transcendence of burden. An everlasting celebration of light and the occasional anomaly of birthday suit combustion, weaving and manifesting Eden’s rivers.  Cottonmouth convene among reeds, startlingly arriving to writhe, but never to settle, in the unscathed garden patch.  Buddha scratches his head. 
Buddha never wishes the genie away.  Buddha enjoys the genie’s company.  The dichotomy of Buddha and a genie.  One is of the essence of peace and enlightenment. the other of desire, of material.  a genie bottle is smoking in the Zen garden.  Snake of Eden.  
Buddha rarely uses genie’s wishes. But if Buddha pleases. Multiple genies. Planet genie. Jimson.
and the world appears dark again. but an adjustment of the hue of the who’s who of bright titanous star tubules  lost in the satin fabric Jello jail congeal  release in the tea garden  reveal a northern lit mini slip  Greystorm wolfgang character.    It’s so peaceful here. Mysterious.  Mist of the healing winds.  It is here where Buddha slumbers in the buff.
iteration 3.7501 — Buddha and a genie : long version

2 thoughts on “Jinn Zen

  1. Thank you. Yes. We all should take a page from Buddha. Perhaps you should think with your toes more. Then they will hurt as opposed to your head!….;)…thanks again, You keep writing too.


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