I love the smell of calculus in the morning                                                                           alpha tween showin me the rope swing commotion.                                                  kids that code in cursive

Hot specks of cobra molt emit from the millennium edition papyrus                               we dance still, the archaic form, when ours was a pulpy parchment.                             glutinous flapjack tablet

children chisel into micro-screens. beta queen, blue eyed vega preen, fem-bot revisited.  Meet me by the river, absolve time. space. size.                        all relative confines                                                                                                          wade of Neptune                                                                                                                  together in the soak

 mind my tether as we tumble further allows the spray.  beads of sweat collect beneath your childhood complex.   wake of my animation does of your facade                  broken dawn dissolves

Spider Iris unfurls her wings and flies once again through the reflection canyon.  Red dust settles on the jagged spans where everyone stands just to watch her soar.  Argon bridges form as we gather in awe of the arc master, bathe in splendor each Her iteration splay. Dog-eared mezzanine patterns play upon Saturn’s grandstand as glass pylons absorb semitone ricochet. Iris is perplexed tho somehow in resolve. Silver tannic minstrels climb as vines that source from the river porch…..20/20 honeycomb puzzles is the dance that becomes us…splinter of the torch fractal….Prism is the unveiling splash that bathes us in her waterfall .



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