iteration 3.8001

beware. Son o’ Swill. pelt of the pompous yang cling to the gemini yin. Curator of hand-woven Buddha bindles deliver our meal rations for the winter, bundled in wilted foils. I stalk the garden’s ivy hall like a harlequin bobcat clown alone in the chaparral. Let us give it a go, an old college try perhaps. Just one magpie profusely. Mushi-shi Jelopy.  I’m first to Spazz proper at the velveteen sunrise. My feet sink into nature’s easel. Chiesel. El nino aches as a bastard for a surrogate. Hetchy breaks into a sweat of a cold barrier, dank of vespre…and swing do the merry leopard men on a Harley ride to Modesto.  Rendezvous at the See-Saw. half-lings pronounce a Hee Haw haw. What a rebel she is, deflecting turncoats, o’ each and every, doused in Jurassic jelly reclaim, thrown into the spokes of a rickshaw. regular Quickdraw McGraw of the playground, puppeted by etchings of nocturnal Viola jumpin’ beings. jive on. Whistle while widdle-work-riddle-scythes might chisel me a Scrimshaw.


5 thoughts on “iteration 3.8001

  1. …..the most exciting modern poetry I’ve read for a long time – all of it. Not only for reading. It’s for public recitation.

    It brought to mind Dylan Thomas reading his ‘Lament’ but that’s because I was brought up on him.

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  2. I am very happy that enjoy what I write. Your compliments are flattering and much appreciated. I do want to take these to an open mic or spoken word when I get a chance. Thank you for inspiring me.


  3. Public recitation is a personal thing, I know, but indulge me.

    I can hear it delivered in rat-a-tat, peremptory and urgent, losing them in that welter of words you’re good at and not the Sunday afternoon Lit-Fest style which bores the pants off us.You might get whistles and whoo’s but a stony silence might suit better, leaving them thinking ‘…what in God’s name was all that!!’

    John Cooper Clarke’s ‘Psycle Sluts’, off his album ‘Disguise In Love’, is the best example I can think of right now. I saw it live once without music. Dylan Thomas does ‘Lament’ differently but still with passion.

    Best wishes.


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  4. thanks again for the ideas and inspiration. Gave a listen to ‘Psycle Sluts’…good stuff! So I work with a drummer sometimes and we’ve actually tried some spoken word. I improvise over a drum beat that slowly builds into crescendo. I haven’t tried any of these poems yet over drums but I do like idea of conjuring a sense urgency in the delivery, keeping the crowd on edge. We’re trying to start a open jam night with a bunch of musicians, perfect forum to try some these out and see how people respond.


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