i. 3.8100 — oil

blind tribes trample upon the land
explore reptilian perception of the terroir
steam fills adjustable tappets picklepot condensor
techgnostic billy goat haunchos OK slurpy towers
bohemian resistance slightly impedes progress
lazy foot soldiers, sleepily ignorant, only move when they are pushed



Show tune lyrics of the future

I know i wasn’t proper but can i please make another offer to you

a chauvinistic notion ledgermen painted in blue porcelain hue chachki chain glue

give it a go I dare ya. stand in front of the motion picture camera for a few

aperture shadows dance with light. ego adapts to the capture device like a monkey to its crew

reality t.v. is Darwinian my dear, just a social selection project, meta-optical science lab practical gone mad hatter

thesis : To judgement, scrutiny. How DOES soul energy adapt? hollywood hookery hack

i hunt for whatever roosts in the rookery, climbed to the top and fell for the leader of the pack.

ten Roman Generals’ trouser snakes might lie on that equation’s path.