children of buffoon

Lonnie the Wrench: rhyshi rhysyyda moi lolita rasheed uh

Rhyshyyda LeSangre: hey yo Wrench!

Lonnie: modified the turbines to achieve optimal spectral resonance

Rhyshyyda: I heard you’re rebuilding the Buffoon. You think its the right time?

Lonnie: Yes, with everything goin on in the cosmoses, there is no better time. Captain told me you went rogue undercover snowflunker during the uprisings.

Rhyshyyda: I needed to know their tactics, true motives of the prog-wave imperial regime.

Lonnie: How’s Fathir?

Rhyshyyda: They have him.

Lonnie: Do you have a serum?

Rhyshyyda: Of course.

Lonnie: Then it’s time.

Rhyshyyda: Vladimir has reached Blade City.

Lonnie: We knew he would. Signs of the mulitpolarity should already be showing.

Rhyshyyda: Long live the Tribe.

Lonnie + Rhyshyyda: Long Live Buffoon.


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