yo no la conozco


soy un poco chino

ella es un medio japones

creo que me gusta de ella

pero yo no la conozco muy bien

Dimelo, denselo a ella en su ensueno

Coral ripples, blends of porcelain assume silhouettes in her skin so smooth she must of been spun of a gypsy loom

Let us not ignore her, nor dare her tidal lean. Her patchwork emotions set fire to friends in winter.  Together, shadowy Hoodies of  the hour, we ride with the night on bicycles across all of our salty towns.

steal a kiss high above a younger brow,   pretend to be asleep but nothing stops her. Not even the slightest balk at her presence.  Every night she checks the guest list. Nothing. Tonight is an outlier.

Name J Lou.  Skin.  Lips.  jazz triplets.  jeans, tight.  tops, blue, high.  tongues out. laces, white. What starts fresh as a dream will transpose utopian organic, sudor de la naturaleza, lluvia del nino. We writhe while drenched in modern cinema, moving us past the splinter sparks stage. And Once You’ve had enough of our caravan, choose to lodge upon a cliffside and do so with false suitor, salt of the big sea mist below. Leap we promise, but not of our own accord, as the wind’ll fool us into falling, we’ll meet again, by the dock, whimsy will of our servitude to the natural laws

Froth of the ocean touch bludgeons the urchin, melts the mantle of mollusk troves, glistens of the burliest farmhands. I find that hardly resistible. Yours is truly a taller presence under the lampost…tiny explorer of the incandescent, girly dawn of the aloof.  We are self-hypnotized. We chose identical characters to fight a world war with and to deflect the poison arrows of the judgemental. 

no one understands these riddles of ours and how they keep crooked jesters chained to the Gazebo. Le Arlecchino, giddy with secrets whispers to a pantaloon, watches while you and the long dachshund spoon

They’re on to us now, acts outdated.  Our newest ninjas spy better on the playground.  As defectors of a disenchanted world we dash through the narrowest of corridors unscathed, paws nimble as our whiskers touch the sides.  

La he perdido

pero yo no la conozco muy bien                                                                                      

dimelo, denselo a ella en su ensueno                                                                                    


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