iteration 3.4196 : 1st World Artist, Overfed


spelt gruel

biscuit with a slab melt of butter calf knuckle broth reduction puddle

Oakie slather grease gravy
nude vegans retreat

terpene trichrome extraction

stoner porn







black red ivory freckle accommodations include abrubt audible sluurrrps when you're tanked. tan tan noodle gurp.

we provide the spank. you give us all a look. in the buff rough tumble and favor your right rotator cuff. on the beacon ring. glass bongs gleam. dance hall steam. stadium standing naked supreme ding dong natural lightning play. cloth dew-point habitat clank honk in the city morning donut shop coffee talk. three-ring think tank. cheesecake cheasle number 1 headband haze. spiced plantain empanada stand. schools out. muggy skyline in the backdrop. this is where we come to play. loud laughter of children.


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