Rare Beacon Signals from Relative Realms

20150202_181821 (1)

Lacinato kale o cavolo nero  ♦  de-stem  blanch  chiffonade

raspberry mint  ◊  muddle

hazelnut oil  «»  drizzle

  Anaheim pepper  ∼  char

sun-dried cranberry  ‹›  reconstitute  cure  toss

cassava  •  steam  spice

  Langostino  ∞  sear  abandon

What is Calculus ?

————————– –      overheard in classroom
professor :  well essentially an extension of algebra
dynamic quantification of data

                   independent variable : number of donuts eaten per day                                                dependent variable :   happinesssssssss     

    pie                                                                                                                         Pascal’s Triangle

old bearded gnome gone mad on account of home brewed cider.  I’ll arrange to sit and sip that smidge o’ Bolli micro-sud.  pouring over me in front of city hall. Does the wizard get high on his own supply? Do wizards get high?  Yes on both inqueries but the wizard is unaware of the contact during the concocting of tonic and elixir. Wizards huff their own potions for the sake of the spell.


his potion of electrolyte delight tonight tonight

Humidity reading 50%   rains nourish my penchant   lightnin’ in a beacon bottle

steam rings rise and solidify   hold on to ya cochlear    I’m adjust my meta-cognitive throttle

buddha carries genie in a flash pasteurized, tiny fluted bottle
iteration 3.7000  --  core samplings

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